The company for companies

Have you ever marvelled at the strength of herds and swarms of creatures in the animal kingdom? A single horse, an individual bee or a fish swimming by itself are beautiful creatures in themselves, but as a group they convey a sense of combined strength. Living and working together not only protects them but also makes them more successful and better able to survive.

That's exactly how we at SERVICE&MORE see the GARANT Austria and WOHNUNION associations. Under the slogan "Stronger together", our partners are successful, well-informed and dynamic players on the market. The community brings them many advantages that have a direct effect on their bottom line, enabling them to enter new markets at reduced risk and benefit from all kinds of services that simplify their work. At the same time, the individuality and personal strength of every individual company is regarded as a tremendous asset that must be promoted.

Find out about the many benefits for you, whether you are an interior designer, furniture retailer or contractor. Or if you are in the bathroom supplies industry or run a bed store, or are a supplier to any of these sectors, you will gain all kinds of advantages by joining us.

"My father was a member from the very start, and now my wife and I are also proud to be partners of GARANT Austria, the country's leading specialist retailers' association – for more than 50 years."

Alfred & Kornelia Handl
Möbel Handl in Heidenreichstein