Make use of our marketing strategy for increased visibility

When it comes to marketing and communication, we're also there by your side with a wide-ranging portfolio of services. Our aim is to offer you a centrally devised marketing strategy that will make a big impact even if you only have a small budget. It works because of our "Stronger together" ethos and because it's tailored to suit your company's brand.

We never lose sight of you as a retailer, your specialist expertise and the region in which you operate. Our primary objective is to increase awareness of your brand with a customised positioning strategy.

All our concepts and campaigns are developed by specialists with years of experience in interior design, furniture retailing or plumbing, bathroom fittings and installation services. We offer marketing services of all kinds. Whether you want to position your brand, boost your presence in the local media, access new target markets or motivate existing customers: we always have the right solution for you.

From event campaigns to Google Ads, we put together the perfect package for a customised solution to your advertising needs.

„With its printed publications such as "Die Wohnzeitung" and the brochure "Die Sonnenseiten", SERVICE&MORE provides me with ideal platforms for advertising both my product range and my company, and introducing my services in a professional way.“

Jürgen Stolz
Stolz Möbel in St. Georgen ob Murau

„With the Google Ads campaign that was supported by the industry, on the one hand SERVICE&MORE offered me a more extensive online campaign than I, as a small kitchen studio, could finance myself, and, on the other hand, and more importantly: I gained at least 3 new clients from each campaign.“

Alfred Mayrhofer
Mayrhofer küche&wohnen in Linz

Online presence

You too can benefit from a customised website, innovative content management and email marketing services.

An attractive online platform for your surplus stock – including marketing.

Memorable marketing materials

Choose from our extensive portfolio of marketing materials, from bags to vouchers.

Customer satisfaction scheme & Mystery Shopping

We regularly use tried and tested tools to monitor how satisfied your customers really are.

Marketing by recommendation

Speech may be silver, but recommendations are golden: we can give you useful tips on how to increase the number of recommendations from your existing customers.

Event campaigns

Our professionally organised and popular events will please your regular customers and attract new target groups. From the invitations to the choice of artist – it's a one-stop service.

Image campaign

From posters to online advertising: highlight your presence in the region with a large-scale but affordable publicity campaign.

Online marketing

Show what you can do – and do it online, as well. For example, with a virtual reality campaign on YouTube, or by using Google Ads or Facebook advertising.

Our print products

From traditional handouts to image-boosting corporate brochures, from small ads to lengthy PR articles.

Regional positioning

We work with our retail partners to find how they can best position themselves in their region.


Andreas Schwaiger
Andreas Schwaiger Head of Marketing
Mag. (FH) Pia Lindmaier
Mag. (FH) Pia Lindmaier Marketing & Digital
Sonja Ondruj
Sonja Ondruj Marketing & Production
Constanze Rauch
Constanze Rauch Assistant Marketing