SERVICE&MORE for strategy

We discuss operational problem areas, challenges and opportunities with the business-owner and analyse them in detail. The resulting measures that need to be taken are put on a time line and then implemented. One thing is fundamental to the process: the retail partner "sets the pace", from the initial advice through to putting the measures in place. We support our partners through the implementation process if they wish and as much as we can.

"The aim of the management consulting service is to help SERVICE&MORE's member businesses with their strategic and operational tasks. We don't follow a preset formula but adapt to meet the special requirements of every individual member company."

Christian Wimmer
Managing Director SERVICE&MORE

Here's a small selection of the areas in which we can offer help and advice:

  • Strategic advice on future direction and positioning
  • Forthcoming investment plans
  • Company succession and the handover process
  • Advice on business management (making the most of all possible opportunities for improvement, through to advice on refurbishments)
  • Changes to staffing and organisation
  • Marketing and sales

Our consultancy service at SERVICE&MORE draws on a pool of internal and external experts. The success of our retail partners is reinforced by the analyses, ideas and creative approaches that we discuss and implement together.

I would be happy to arrange an appointment for you...

Miriam Senger
Miriam Senger Management Assistant, Office & organisation