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As a member of our association, you can bring industry experts on board to analyse and discuss your business problems, challenges and opportunities. This will show you the measures that you need to take, which are put on a time line for implementation. We start from wherever you are and accompany you on the journey as far and as closely as you like.

Here's a small selection of what we can offer:

  • Strategic advice on future direction and positioning
  • Forthcoming investment plans
  • Company succession and the handover process
  • Advice on business management (making the most of any potential for improvement, through to guidance on refurbishments)
  • Changes to staffing and organisation
  • Marketing and sales

Our consultancy service draws on a pool of internal and external experts.

Christian Wimmer

Managing Director SERVICE&MORE

The aim of the management consulting service is to help SERVICE&MORE's member businesses with their strategic and operational tasks. We don't follow a pre-set formula but adapt to meet the special requirements of every individual member company.

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