Learning together for the future

We believe wholeheartedly that "you never stop learning" and we put that into practice with our Training Academy. Learning not only keeps you young, it also gains you a strong position in the market.

Keep on learning yourself and, above all, keep training your employees. We offer a very wide range of courses that is constantly being expanded. The portfolio extends from traditional sales courses and workshops on corporate governance and business management to subjects like employee motivation and the use of social media.

Our Training Academy offers the chance to learn from top trainers and a wide range of subsidised or fully funded training opportunities for you and your staff. Naturally, they are all designed to be practical and focused on helping your business succeed. After all, learning should be enjoyable and directly applicable to your day-to-day work.

Furthermore, with our onlineAKADEMIE, we offer our partners a digital tool that enables you to extend your knowledge wherever and whenever you like. There's a total of 15 hours of teaching material to help you and your staff.

„SERVICE&MORE is constantly adapting its training courses to suit current circumstances, and we value that very highly. Especially in exceptional circumstances, it's really important to offer clients security and stability. We have not only done training courses on conducting negotiations and presentation techniques, but have also used the webinar about what you need to be particularly aware of when holding virtual meetings.“

Dr. Waltraud & Mag. Herbert Aichner
Einrichtungshaus Aichner in Heinfels

WEBINAR - making best use of Facebook & Co to boost sales

Facebook and other social media offer SMEs virtually endless ways of approaching potential customers, and at relatively low cost. The aim of this seminar is to give an initial overview of the different social media channels and their roles.

Successful selling – what customers really want

It's becoming easier and easier to compare products, and digitalisation is also making markets more transparent, so the competition to win new clients is getting tougher. Consumers' growing expectations mean that sales staff have to have a high level of expertise. That's why it's important to be focused and confident in your sales pitches and learn how to negotiate with tricky customers professionally and achieve the desired outcome for both parties.

Up2date: specialist knowledge is de rigeur

Good planning and technical expertise are the be-all and end-all in advising customers and keeping them loyal. That's why we regularly offer training opportunities and workshops covering all kinds of different specialist fields. The portfolio ranges from lighting, acoustics and materials to colour.

Learning business management through role play

Participants use the business planning game realBUSINESS to learn how to overcome conflicts of interest in business and react appropriately to unforeseen events. This gives participants the chance to build up practical experience that they can use in their day-to-day work.

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Mag. Katharina Singer
Mag. Katharina Singer Events, training and the onlineAKADEMIE