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Purchasing association for contractors

As a professional fitter, you are always looking for reliable, economically sound product ranges for your customers. When you become a member of our association, you can plan with confidence, buy on special terms and raise your quality standards.

We take the strain and you keep your independence – it all fits together!

Reliable delivery dates and products available on exclusive terms – our module managers set great store by negotiating the best deal they can to give you the edge on price, every time. We also offer a full range of services that you can mix and match for your projects as you wish:

  • Collective buying for contractors
    As an association we have massive buying power, so we can negotiate extraordinary purchasing terms and payment deadlines for you.
  • Clear positioning in the market
    We help you to sharpen your image on the market and make your business stand out from the competition.
  • Training Academy
    Take the opportunity to get further training for you and your team at the Training Academy and benefit from all the association's expertise.
  • Central settlement within the association
    Payment transactions are handled centrally, so it's win-win for you: better terms and less work.
  • Management consulting
    Let our experts help you to make the most of your potential, optimise your processes and develop strategies that will work in practice.

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Everyone is master of their own success.

While you concentrate on your core business, we've got your back! Join our association.
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