Well-positioned = success on the market

You have been a known brand in your region for a long time – your company, your name, you as an individual. There isn't another company like yours. To make sure that this is how you are perceived on the market, and that your uniqueness is valued as it should be, it’s important to define and position yourself clearly. For successful marketing, the positioning of a company needs to match its intrinsic nature. That's the only way to get the right message through to potential customers. It takes an idea, a clear message and a definable value that distinguishes your company. We help you to make that distinction crystal-clear!

Position your company with SERVICE&MORE

Choose one of our five positioning strategies, depending on which one suits you, your company and your ethos best. All our positioning strategies are ideal for our various retail sectors - furniture retailing, plumbing supplies and interior design and can be individually tailored to suit your company.

"For us, it wasn't enough that people knew our name. Since our positioning campaign, they also recognise us. The colours of our new design are a perfect match for our beautiful region – and thanks to our new exterior design, the branding of our vehicles and our redesigned adverts, we have greatly increased the level of recognition."

Marita & Friedrich Drack
Drack Maler & Bodenleger in Grünau im Altmal

Benefits for you of a professional positioning strategy

  • You find your place in the regional market
  • You send a clear, consistent message to your customers, so your company is firmly at the forefront of their minds
  • You strengthen your presence in the regional market

Positioning yourself as a furniture retailer, interior designer or domestic installation company is critical for a successful marketing policy. Together, we work out a publicity concept that focuses clearly on what makes you special. We market your company consistently as a strong regional brand. You decide how you want to present your business and what position you want to occupy in the regional market.

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Mag. Katharina Singer
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Andreas Schwaiger
Andreas Schwaiger Head of Marketing