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You can't overtake someone if you just follow in their footsteps. Whether PAUL LEVÍN was a bold avant-garde designer in the early 20th century or a young contemporary designer who spotted trends early is up to you to decide. For us, PAUL LEVÍN is a name that stands for innovative ways of living, new benchmarks and successful designs.

PAUL LEVÍN is our modern furniture brand that is almost entirely made and processed in Europe. As a member of our association, you have exclusive access to all the models and collections. You can buy on attractive special terms and offer your customers distinctive furniture for their home at an excellent price.

Karl Fetz & Julia Kohlhofer

Fetz Karl - Fachgeschäft für Raumausstattung in Anger

PAUL LEVÍN is ideal for us as a specialist retailer in differentiating us from other market consultants and it offers the right product for us in every part of our range.

PAUL LEVÌN Journal Möbelhandel 23/24

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PAUL LEVÌN Journal Raumausstattung 23/24

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