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Purchasing association for kitchen showrooms

Each of our services is characterised by professionalism and enthusiasm for what we do. We offer a number of resources that will support you in your day-to-day business and boost your commercial success for the long term. You will be part of a strong community of kitchen professionals and able to benefit from shared experience and services that we tailor to meet your specific needs.

We promise a lot and we deliver

There are so many things that you really shouldn't have to think about. We bring order to your to-do list and put our expertise at your service. We are discreet, focus entirely on your individual situation and modify our solutions accordingly. So here's something you definitely should think about: the benefits and services that we can offer, as a leading purchasing association for kitchen showrooms:

  • Collective buying for kitchen showrooms
    As a member of our association, you benefit from especially favourable purchasing conditions and terms of payment which we are able to negotiate thanks to our combined buying power.
  • Optimal positioning in the market
    Our experts help you to find and secure your position in the market, with targeted strategies and concepts.
  • Training Academy for staff members
    With our targeted soft skills training and other on-the-job training courses, we boost your team's expertise and social skills.
  • Central settlement
    Because we handle payments centrally in our purchasing association, you save time and get better terms.
  • Targeted marketing
    Concepts that work and advertising materials that underline your high quality – professional marketing solutions for all your on- and offline channels.
  • Digital showroom
    Highlight your expertise by introducing our digital touchscreen display, eVA, in your own kitchen showroom, to create an innovative ambience that boosts sales.
  • Sale platform
    Sell your discounted products, ex-display items and surplus stock in next to no time on our sale platform at
  • Management consulting
    Use all of our accumulated expertise to develop your business. Our team will be there in the background to support you through any changes.

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