Our team

We at SERVICE&MORE are proud of our motivated and committed team, who work hard every day for the two associations, helping our partner companies with all their concerns and questions. What do we all have in common? Enthusiasm, passion and the desire for ever greater success!

Management Board

Mag. Christian Wimmer
Mag. Christian Wimmer Managing Director

Module management

Christine Eva Maria Maise
Christine Eva Maria Maise Module manager WOHNUNION
Ing. Stefan Zierhofer
Ing. Stefan Zierhofer Module manager WOHNUNION
Heinz Kucera
Heinz Kucera Module manager GARANT Austria
Florian Hanke
Florian Hanke Module manager GARANT Austria
Helmut Veigl
Helmut Veigl Module manager Plumbing, bathroom fittings & installation services, outdoor & lighting


Mag. (FH) Pia Lindmaier
Mag. (FH) Pia Lindmaier Marketing & Digital
Sonja Ondruj
Sonja Ondruj Marketing & Production
Katharina Wurm
Katharina Wurm Assistant Marketing

Digital systems & services

Phillip Kreuzer
Phillip Kreuzer Digital systems & services
Rachel Weber
Rachel Weber Digital systems & services

Back Office

Julia Bugkel, MA
Julia Bugkel, MA Management Front & Back Office | Assistant to the module managers
Nina Petritsch
Nina Petritsch Assistant to the Management Board, office & organisation
Bionda Bektasi
Bionda Bektasi Office & organisation
Franziska Wolfbeis
Franziska Wolfbeis Assistant to the module managers
Mag. Katharina Singer
Mag. Katharina Singer Events, training and the onlineAKADEMIE
Christina Wörgötter
Christina Wörgötter Contracts
Isabella Schachenhofer
Isabella Schachenhofer Maternity leave

Finance and accounting

Dkfm. Ing. Johann Schmidt
Dkfm. Ing. Johann Schmidt Head of Accounts & Authorised Signatory
Elvira Gröbner-Trojan
Elvira Gröbner-Trojan Book-keeping

Central regulation

Karin Hubler
Karin Hubler Head of Central regulation
Ursula Richter
Ursula Richter Central regulation