Purchasing association for suppliers

SERVICE&MORE is a rapidly growing association of over 284 specialist furniture retailers, interior designers and domestic installation companies in five countries. We promote your products and innovations to the retailers, help you to increase your turnover and optimise and safeguard your payment systems. Our marketing experts help our retailers to develop the right positioning strategy and organise publicity campaigns in the marketplace. We attach a high priority to strong partnerships and good relationships with our industry partners. Ever-increasing success and improved services are important features of our cooperation with suppliers.

As a supplier, why not take advantage of the numerous benefits of a purchasing organisation!

Benefits for suppliers as partners of a purchasing organisation:

Higher sales thanks to mass marketing

Our retailers in Austria, South Tyrol, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are extremely loyal to their suppliers, so for you as a supplier, we are an important strategic partner.

Reduced dependence on the superstores

Our own-brand range PAUL LEVÍN for furniture retailing, interiour design and sanitary, enable our suppliers to be truly independent.

Efficient payment handling

Our centralised in-house accounting system ensures that payments to our partners are handled exceptionally efficiently. Secured receivables Thanks to our reinsurance and credit risk management services, your receivables are secured so your deliveries are not exposed to any risk.

Become a SERVICE&MORE partner

The many benefits of being in our purchasing organisation make this an especially attractive arrangement for our suppliers. That's why many of them have been with us for years – so that we can keep working together to find new ways of motivating and inspiring one another.

Are you interested in a partnership with SERVICE&MORE? Our efficient GARANT Austria and WOHNUNION module managers will be your point of contact and are always happy to answer your questions.

„For us as an Austrian kitchen manufacturer, GARANT Austria is a very important partner, and not only for purchasing. We very much appreciate the innovative strength of SERVICE&MORE, and the way they regularly develop new measures and strategies.“

Mag. Andreas Hirsch
Geschäftsführer ewe Küchen

„SERVICE&MORE enables us to target the positioning of our products, and the module managers help us to find the right partners. We have been part of this purchasing and service organisation since 2014 – it was a milestone for us and for Austrian specialist retailers.“

Ing. Karl Scheucher
Managing Director Scheucher Holzindustrie

Any questions? We're happy to answer them...

Ing. Stefan Zierhofer
Ing. Stefan Zierhofer Module manager WOHNUNION
Christine Eva Maria Maise
Christine Eva Maria Maise Module manager WOHNUNION