Purchasing organisation for contractors

If you are a contractor, why not take advantage of being a member of a purchasing organisation and enjoy the numerous benefits! The WOHNUNION supports contractors with designing and fitting out entire properties. As a member of our purchasing association, you benefit from having an efficient and experienced partner when it comes to finding the right suppliers and an extensive and exclusive range of products.

The WOHNUNION for contractors

Under the slogan "Stronger together", our retail partners have a successful and dynamic presence on the market. Take advantage of our expertise in the fields of purchasing, marketing and business management.

Our extensive, detailed and professional advice and planning service, and excellent cooperation between sectors, result in the best ideas, bespoke solutions and satisfied customers.

Whether you are an architect or a property developer – our partners succeed when we bring them together: by combining the expertise, experience, craftsmanship and product knowledge of everyone involved, our purchasing association boasts vast specialist knowledge of the whole sector.

Benefits for you as a retail partner of the WOHNUNION

As an interior designer, why not take advantage of

  • simplified work processes
  • new opportunities
  • optimised services
  • synergies

We can help and advise on anything to do with floor coverings, from parquet to carpet, laminate to PVC. But the WOHNUNION can also help you with wall coverings and wallpaper, textiles and furnishing fabrics, decorative items and sun protection such as blinds and canopies. So your designs for restaurants and hotels, sport and leisure facilities, offices and public buildings, apartments and private houses will not only be top-quality and functional, but they will look great, too.

You, your sales assistants and your professional craftsmen have the opportunity to do further training in our SERVICE&MORE Training Academy. It's an easy, straightforward way to broaden your expertise on flooring, fabrics, curtains, sun protection and wall coverings.

We also offer opportunities to share experience with other contractors and industry experts. As a member of our purchasing organisation, you have the great advantage of being able to compare notes with colleagues – whether that's on calls for tender or the latest prices and statistics.

Furthermore, you profit from collective buying and especially favourable terms and conditions. Tackling big projects and interregional construction developments is also best done together.

Would you like to become a member of the WOHNUNION? We look forward to meeting you! Why not make an appointment today?

Our experts on floors and sun protection will be happy to help.

Ing. Stefan Zierhofer
Ing. Stefan Zierhofer Module Manager Interior Design