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PAUL LEVÍN might have been a bold designer who redefined the concept of interior design during the avant-garde period of the early 20th century. Or perhaps he’s a young contemporary designer with an unerring sense for the latest trends.

Either way, the key thing is the idea that he embodies: PAUL LEVÍN sets a new benchmark for distinctive, fresh interior design ideas that make the home an experience – with no compromises. PAUL LEVÍN stands for excellent, reasonably priced design, a product range that makes customers happy.

Interior design
Interior design Using purple in interior design suggests an unerring sense of style. Distinctive ideas for living spaces are given an intuitive and expressive touch.
Furniture retailers
Furniture retailers Dream homes that make a statement: for customers, the strong red logo represents strength, action and passion.
Plumbing, bathroom fittings & installation services
Plumbing, bathroom fittings & installation services Blue is associated with air and water, clarity and tranquillity – all the qualities and elements that characterise the plumbing, bathroom fittings and installation services sector.

The benefits of PAUL LEVÍN for you:

  • Made and finished in Europe
  • Modern, stylish & attractive
  • Favourable terms
  • Unique in the sector
  • Exclusive models and collections for SERVICE&MORE partners
  • Strong network
"The WOHNUNION offers its members great services, without dictating to them. We are extremely well looked-after when we need it – including with the exclusive "PAUL LEVÍN" range, which helps me as a specialist retailer and improves my margins."

Thomas Gaster
Gaster Raumaustattung in Traiskirchen