Stronger together, not diving into the blue alone.

Centralised purchasing

Stronger together, strikingly individual.

Marketing strategies

Stronger together, with fantastic prospects.

Dedicated platform

SERVICE&MORE: Where the name says it all

Having a strong partner behind you makes it even easier for you to give your customers the level of service that you guarantee to them every day. SERVICE&MORE is an open, independent Austrian association platform. Around 300 interior designers and furniture retailers already enjoy the benefits of our purchasing and service organisation.

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Helping you to put your foot to the floor

For interior designers & flooring specialists

We strike the right balance

For furniture retailers

From analogue to digital

We help you find your way through the jungle of promotional opportunities. From handouts to special events to creating your own website, our marketing experts are here to help.

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Hit the nail on the head

When you’re in business, good advice, good service and technical expertise are basics and don't by themselves differentiate you from your competitors. We work with our retail partners to find how they can best position themselves in their region.

Good positioning