The eVA: exclusive to our partners

SERVICE&MORE member companies have been working very successfully for a number of years now with the app that we developed. Our retailers' experiences and their feedback on the first version of our Digital Sales Assistant soon encouraged us to develop this digital tool further.

So the app has now been upgraded to a digital showroom – a touchscreen with all kinds of functions that our retail partners can use in the showroom itself. During the digital tool's development phase, an important priority for the SERVICE&MORE team led by Christian Wimmer was to combine information that can be accessed online in real time with the specialist expertise of the interior design consultants.

Our partners can use the Virtual Shelf in various different ways when talking to prospective customers. For example, in the case of specific product enquiries, the supplier portfolio is invaluable. End users will find numerous other sources of inspiration on their digital journey through product videos, catalogues and pictures.

"For me as a retailer, the fact that the product information is so up-to-date is really important. Compared with searching through printed catalogues, now, with the digital consultancy tool, I have all the information I need at the press of a button – and in full HD resolution."

Martin Zimmermann
Junior Managing Director at Möbel Zimmermann in Hermagor

The Style Check

The centrepiece of the is the Style Check, specially developed for interior designers and furniture retailers. End users tap the heart symbol to "like" arrangements of pictures that have been specially put together for them. Their preferences are used to create a bespoke "home horoscope". Then, based on this analysis, the sales adviser can highlight exactly those product ranges which correspond to the customer's personal style.

"eVA is a huge source of inspiration for customers. It enables them to experience different home furnishing styles and see all the brands that our partner companies have to offer, and discuss it all with the adviser there and then."

Phillip Kreuzer
Project Manager for digital sytems at SERVICE&MORE

As with all SERVICE&MORE marketing tools, the Digital Sales Assistant has the retailer’s own corporate design at its heart. Fonts, colours and logos can be customised and adapted for each individual company. Each retailer is also represented in the digital showroom with their own specific company story and an introduction to their employees.

Isn't it time that you got to know eVA?

Phillip Kreuzer
Phillip Kreuzer Digital systems & services
Rachel Weber
Rachel Weber Digital systems & services