eVA – our app to help you with preparing quotations and planning

So who is this eVA? eVA 2.0 stands for "elektronische Verkaufsassistentin" (Digital Sales Assistant) and it is an app for tablets that we have developed specifically for our retailers.

Thanks to the eVA app, our retailers can say good bye to the time-consuming business of choosing which catalogues and price lists to use, and lugging them around with them, because they always have everything they need with them on their tablet, regardless of whether they are considering fitted kitchens, parquet floors or bathtubs. Thanks to the Digital Sales Assistant, our partners can be very flexible when they meet customers and present them with ideas and suggestions for their home on the spot.

Especially when it comes to preparing quotations and planning, our app is an enormous time-saver, because the paperwork can be handled in the customer's presence, and notes can be added to it. So, after an appointment, sales staff have all the information readily to hand for preparing the best possible price quotation.

What's more, our Digital Sales Assistant (eVA 2.0) can even be customised to match the individual retailer's corporate design, giving them an additional unique selling point.

Are you interested in our Digital Sales Assistant?

Thomas Grausgruber
Thomas Grausgruber IT & communication