Collective purchasing for higher profits

Combining the purchasing power of 284 retail partners offers real added value. Top terms and conditions, top brands and top quality. Not only do our module managers negotiate special deals with suppliers, they also go to specialist trade fairs several times a year. They focus their attention on product innovations, the latest trends and, of course, establishing contact with new supplier partners.

Why not take advantage of favourable terms for purchasing?

You benefit not only from especially good purchasing terms, but also from payment transactions being centrally regulated. This offers our retail partners extended payment periods and simplifies their payment transactions.

To round off our strategic purchasing package, we have arrangements with external providers of services such as power, fuel, insurance, IT, software and telephony – all on preferential terms, of course.

Any questions? We look forward to your call.

Heinz Kucera
Heinz Kucera Module manager GARANT Austria
Florian Hanke
Florian Hanke Module manager GARANT Austria
Helmut Veigl
Helmut Veigl Module manager Plumbing, bathroom fittings & installation services, outdoor & lighting
Ing. Stefan Zierhofer
Ing. Stefan Zierhofer Module managers WOHNUNION
Christine Eva Maria Maise
Christine Eva Maria Maise Module managers WOHNUNION