Become a SERVICE&MORE supplier

Over 290 retail partners in five countries - it speaks for itself. Because our members remain loyal over the years, and there are so many of them on the market, your sales are bound to increase. Payment transactions are made simpler thanks to our central regulation and your receivables are protected by reinsurance.

Our module managers at GARANT Austria and the WOHNUNION look forward to talking to you about a future partnership and will tell you about all the benefits that you can expect to receive from us.

"Stefan Zierhofer, our point of contact, is an absolute expert in our product sector and knows the Austrian market well. He helps us to organise our activities in Austria efficiently, tailoring our services to that market and its retailers."

Oliver Kluge
Sales and Marketing Director of EU Amtico International

"We have been a supplier member of the association for nearly 50 years and, from a strategic point of view, we rely on the association and the specialist retail trade. Our negotiations are always fair and between equals, I value that very highly."

Gerhard Vorraber
Managing Director ADA Möbelfabrik

Any questions? We look forward to your call.

Heinz Kucera
Heinz Kucera Module manager GARANT Austria
Florian Hanke
Florian Hanke Module manager GARANT Austria
Helmut Veigl
Helmut Veigl Module manager Plumbing, bathroom fittings & installation services, outdoor & lighting
Ing. Stefan Zierhofer
Ing. Stefan Zierhofer Module managers WOHNUNION
Christine Eva Maria Maise
Christine Eva Maria Maise Module managers WOHNUNION